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Body Piercing Jewelry
The Bible mentions that body piercing was popular amongst nomadic tribes approximately 2000 years ago. Whereas, at some places like Egypt only people from the royal family could get body piercing done. Various reasons have been associated with different cultures and different castes for getting body piercing. [.....]

Fashion Jewelry To Match Your Moods
If you are a person who wants to look good in everyway then this article will pacify your fashion instincts a bit. Find the best fashion jewelry to compliment your dress worn casually or at parties and ceremonies. [.....]

How to tell the difference between real gold and fake gold
The final part (part 3) of this guide will explain how to test if gold is genuine or is gold plated. It doesnít matter if you bought it from a regular jewelry store, online jewelry store or the markets, there is a lot of jewelry out there that is said to be what itís not. [.....]

Kabbalah jewelry
"The Breath becomes a stone; the stone, a plant; the plant, an animal; the animal, a man; the man, a spirit; and the spirit, a god." A known Kabbala quote The Kabbalah (also known as kabala, cabala) means in Hebrew "reception" in the meaning of "received tradition" and indeed the term historically referred to all Judaism's oral law such as the words of the ancient prophets from the bible. [.....]

Types Of Wedding Rings
Wedding rings are a very special item of jewelry not only do they symbolise love, marriage, commitment and fidelity they hold history that dates back centuries. In fact years ago these rings were actually made from materials such as plants, grass and even hair. [.....]
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